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(The) Mustard Seed PB
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This inspiring book grants us profound insights into the truly universal nature of Jesus' original teachings. With compassion and humor, OSHO -- one of our century's leading mystics -- presents us with a series of discourses on the Gospel of Thomas. Each of Jesus' original sayings is the 'seed' for a discourse for the modern seeker, encompassing all realms of human experience-philosophy, science, religion, birth, death, love, fear, anger and guilt. Taking Jesus' words out of their narrower Christian context, OSHO blends their wisdom with that of other religious traditions. The Mustard Seed will both inspire and "keep on going" on our own individual paths of inner transformation.

One of the great blessed spiritual masters of today, OSHO is the one who speaks clearest on the role of energy expanding and fulfilling people's consciousness. The book deals entirely with the power of energy.'
Gabriel Rosenstock, Comhar, Irish review magazine.

This timely book explores the wisdom of the Gnostic Jesus, who challenges our preconceptions about the world and ourselves. Based on the Gospel of Thomas, the book recounts the missing years in Jesus’ life and his time in Egypt and India, learning from Egyptian secret societies, then Buddhist schools, then Hindu Vedanta. Each of Jesus' original sayings is the "seed" for a chapter of the book; each examines one aspect of life — birth, death, love, fear, anger, and more — counterpointed by Osho’s penetrating comments and responses to questions from his audience.

A commentary on a quote of Jesus
Jesus said: I took my stand in the midst of the world and in flesh I appeared to them. I found them all drunk; I found none of them athirst.

Jesus never renounced the world, he was standing in the midst of us all. He was not an escapist; he moved in the marketplace, he lived with the crowd. He talked to prostitutes, laborers, farmers, fishermen. He didn’t go out of the world, he remained here amidst you. He knew the world better than anybody who has escaped from it.

It is no wonder that Christ’s message became so powerful; Mahavira’s message never became so powerful, but Jesus converted almost half of the world. Why? – because he remained in the world, he understood the world…its ways, the people, the mind. He moved with them, he came to know how they function – asleep, drunk – and he started to find ways and means to awaken them.

On the last night, when Jesus was caught – or managed to be caught – when the last drama was enacted, one disciple was with him. And Jesus said, “This is my last night, so I will go into deep prayer. I have to pray, and you are to keep vigil. Don’t fall asleep! I will come and see…and this is my last night, remember!”

Jesus went and after half an hour he came again. The disciple was fast asleep. He awakened him and told him, “You are fast asleep, and I told you to keep vigil because this is my last night. Remain alert, because I will not be here again! Then you can sleep for ever and ever. But with me…at least on my last night remain alert!”

The disciple said, “Excuse me, I was feeling so sleepy that I couldn’t help it. But I will try now.”

Jesus went again into prayer. After half an hour he was back and that disciple was fast asleep. He awakened him again and said, “What are you doing? The morning is coming near and I will be caught!”

The disciple said, “Excuse me, forgive me, but the flesh is very strong and the will is very weak; and the body was so heavy, and I thought, ‘What is wrong in taking a little sleep? By the time you come, I will be awake again.’“

A third time Jesus came and the disciple was fast asleep….

But this is the situation of all disciples. Many times I have come to you and I have found you fast asleep. Whenever I came to you I found you were fast asleep. Sleepiness has become just second nature. What does sleepiness mean? It means that you are not aware that you are – then whatsoever you do is irresponsible. You are mad, and whatsoever you do you are doing just like a drunkard.

Mulla Nasruddin was caught. When he came out of court he said to a friend, “It has been very hard: the judge first fined me fifty rupees” – because he had kissed a woman, a stranger, on the road. So he was telling his friend, “The judge first fined me fifty rupees for kissing her – and then when he looked at the woman he fined me fifty more for being drunk!”…Because the woman was almost no woman at all – she was so ugly that nobody could kiss her if he was in his senses!

You have all been kissing the ugliest things possible. That is possible only because you are drunk and asleep. Have you ever thought about things that obsess you? How ugly! Can you find anything more ugly than power? Can you find a more ugly man than Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander? But that’s your ambition also; deep down you would like to be like Napoleon, Alexander, Hitler – successful in the world, powerful in the world. But can you find anything more ugly than them?

Power is the ugliest thing, but everybody wants power, to dominate. Have you seen the ugliness of wealth? It has to be ugly, it cannot be beautiful, because it depends on exploitation. Blood is there, death is there, and many have been deprived of their lives…only then does your bank balance go on increasing. You cannot find anything more ugly than that, but deep down, everybody is in search of wealth.

Whenever the last judgment day comes, you will be fined fifty rupees first, and when God looks at the things you have been kissing you will be fined fifty more…because you have been drunk, otherwise this would not be possible.

Says Jesus:
I took my stand in the midst of the world and in flesh I appeared to them.

And he was not a spirit. Many masters go on continuously visiting you in their spirits. Buddha still knocks at your door, but in the spirit. And if you cannot see a person who has come in the flesh, how can you recognize Buddha?

In this century, when H.P. Blavatsky discovered – or rediscovered – the existence of masters who go on working and helping people who are on the path, in spirit, nobody believed her. They thought she had gone crazy, and people would say, “Give us proof – where are those masters?” One of the greatest things that Theosophy achieved was the rediscovery of masters, because anyone who has become enlightened remains in the world, for there is nowhere else to go. This is the only existence there is. So he remains, but without the body, and his being goes on functioning, helping, because that is his nature – it is not something he has to do.

It is just like a light: a light is there, and it goes on and on lighting everything that is around it. Even if the path is lonely and nobody passes, the light still goes on burning because that is its nature. If somebody comes to the path, then the light is there and the light guides him; not that it is something to be done on his part – it is just his nature. Whenever a being becomes enlightened he remains a guide. But you cannot recognize a guide in the spirit if you cannot recognize a guide in the body.

Jesus says: I appeared in the flesh to them – I was in the body, they could see me, they could hear me, they could feel me, but still they missed. They missed because…I found them all drunk. They were not there really, no consciousness at all. I knocked at their doors, but they were not at home.

If Jesus comes to your home and knocks, will you be there to receive him? You will be somewhere else; you are never at home. You go on wandering all over the world, except to your home. Where is your home? Inside you, where the center of consciousness is, is your home. You are never there, because only in deep meditation are you there. And when you are deep in meditation you can recognize Jesus immediately – whether he comes in the body or bodiless makes no difference. If you are at home you will recognize the knock. But if you are not at home, what can be done? Jesus will knock and you will not be there. That is the meaning of the word drunk: not at home.
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